Knex Bowling Game

Introduction: Knex Bowling Game

My name is --Logan8tor--, and today I present to you my knex bowling game. This game requires few and very common pieces to make. Here is the piece count:




Time needed: 5-10 minutes

Easiness: 10/10

Total Pieces: 46

Step 1: Building the Pins

In this part of the tutorial, I will show you how to make the pins. First, grab all of your grey rods and 12 of the 14 white connectors. Separate the pieces into 6 piles. In each pile, you should put 4 grey rods and two white connectors. (Image #1) First, take the grey rods and connect them as shown in Image #2. Put the other connector on the other side of the 4 grey rods. (Image #3) Repeat until all 6 piles are turned into pins. (Image #4) Now to make the ball!

Step 2: Building the Bowling Ball

This step should not take nearly as long. The first thing you want to do is fill every slot on of the remaining white connectors with the flexible rods. (Image #1) Then, connect all of the rods to the other connector. The result should be a round ball. (Image #2) You are done with the ball!

Step 3: Setting Up the Game

This is how to set up the game. Keep in mind that this game doesn't work very well on carpet. The best place to play this game is on tile or on wood. Set up the pins like at a bowling alley. Make a triangle facing towards you. (Image #1) Stand about 10-15 feet away and roll the ball. Congrats, you have completed your own knex bowling game!

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