K'nex Bug

Introduction: K'nex Bug

this is my first instructable so i hope u like it. it doesn't require enourmous amounts of k'nex

Step 1: K'nex Bits

This is what you need:
14x green bits
not quite sure how many small green bits so get a large handful and use picture for reference
3x blue bits (ignore picture)
2x wheels
4x blue rings
2x smallish white bits
2x white/black bits that go all the way around
6x grey 'clips'
sorry for stupid names. please tell me if you have any better ideas

Step 2: Making the Body

Take three green bits (as seen in picture) and use appropriate small green bits to connect them. Then, add another small green bit and a green bit to make it 1 bit longer (as seen in picture). Only do this to two of the body components though.

Step 3: Finishing the Body

Put all of the body side by side and make sure the smaller bits are in the middle. Secure them by sticking three blue bits in. DO NOT ADD GREY CLIPS YET.

Step 4: Making the Wheels

You can ignore this step if you want. 

Take the wheels and add green bits all the way around. It doesn't really do anything but it kinda looks cool to me.

Step 5: Putting on the Back Wheels

With the wheels you have just made, put them on the opposite end to the two bits sticking out. Now you can secure them with grey clips.

Step 6: Finishing the Wheels

Use four blue rings, two blue rings on either side, and put them on the middle bit. Secure them with grey clips. Then use the other wheels for the front, and, you guessed it, secure with grey clips 

Step 7:

Finally stick two white bits on the front and, Hey Presto, you're done

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