Introduction: Knex Bumblebee

 Its been along time since anyone has posted any knex transformers. The wait is over. I have decided that I will post Bumblebee because of the many people that have asked and posted comments telling me that they want me to post him. So here we go, knex Bumblebee instructable. Please comment and rate. Thx
 And thanks glitched for making the concepts and letting me create them kudos.

Step 1: The Wheels and Doors

 This step is relatively easy. Just look at the pictures.

Step 2: The Front Bumper

 The front is half custom and half glitched's original concept. This piece is also simple and too complicated. Just follow the instructions.

Step 3: The Arms and Gun

The arms took a long time for me to figure out and u have to copy them. The gun is fairly simple and not that complicated. 

Step 4: The Body

 This step is for the body. Sorry about not taking apart the body and putting more pictures in this step.

Step 5: The Legs

This part requires glitched's amazing gear mechanism. If u are not familiar with his gears, u should look back to glitched's amazing Barricade transformer.

Step 6: Back Windows and Rear Bumper

 This part is totally custom and took me 3 different concepts to get perfect. I put along time into this part and I hope u like it.

Step 7: Putting Him Together

 This step will take a while to get right. So keep trying and do your best with my pictures.

Step 8: The Transformation

 This part is the hardest, Transforming Bumblebee. Keep in mind, some pictures aren't that great and I apologize for it. On the eighth picture u have to pull the whole front assembly down it get Bumblebee to look like pic nine.