Introduction: K'nex - C.A.R Instructions

Hey guys, and today I bring you the C.A.R (Compact Assault Rifle). But before we go any further, I would like to thank and give credit to Instructables member Dr. Richtofen since I used pictures of his own C.A.R. Also because he never have the chance to make any instructions, I myself have made instructions for it so you can have your very own. The Compact Assault Rifle took me 5 hours and 40 minutes to build it and this does including making minor tweaks and adjustments to it and by the way, this gun does remind me of the SMR from COD: Black Ops II which was based of a prototype called the Saritch 308.

Good Points

· Removable Magazine

· Comfortable Hand Grip

· Very Futuristic

· Movable Charging Handle

· Good Iron Sights

· Magazine Release

Bad Points

· Doesn't Shoot Because It's Just A Model

· Uses Quite A Lot Of Cut Pieces (See Parts List)

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Step 1: Parts List

If you have any trouble or need more pictures just leave a comment and I will get back you ASAP. I strongly advised you to collect all the pieces before you start building. Also I have added a few notes throughout this instructable to make it more easier to understand something if you run into any difficulty.

Green Rods - 291

White Rods - 93

Blue Rods - 23

Red Rods - 3

Green Connectors - 18

White Connectors - 11

Blue Connectors - 14

Yellow Connectors - 122

Red Connectors - 42

Light Grey Connectors - 11

Dark Grey Connectors - 51

Orange Connectors - 36

Tan Connectors - 2

Tan Connectors (with the little tab cut off) - 1

Y Shape Black Connectors - 29

Black Socket End - 1

1.8cm cut Rods - 16

3.1cm cut Rods - 6 (These can be replaced with a blue rod and grey connector)

Orange Connector (cut, see step 4) - 1

Hinge Black Half - 3

Hinge Blue Half - 3

Black Wheel 25mm Open Centre - 4

Push On Grey Gear - 2

Rubber Bands - 9

Total - 792

Step 2: Stock, Magazine Well & Release

Step 3: Handle Part I

Step 4: Barrel, Trigger, Foregrip & Handle Part II

Step 5: Charging Handle & Handle Part III

Step 6: Magazine

Step 7: Done

Well done you made it to the end, I do hope you have enjoyed building it.

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