Introduction: Knex Chess Set

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This is a simple little chess set that I have come up with. The cool thing about this chess set is that the pieces don't just sit on the squares on the board, they actually clip in to it. Metallic and standard piece colors are needed to make this chess set usable. This could also be used as a checkers set, but everyone knows chess is so much better.

Everything is very easy to modify, especially the pieces. They are pretty basic, and if you build this you may want to improvise, make them larger, more colorful, etc. My brother suggested that I make a giant chess set and model each piece after a significant 'ibler, with Kiteman being the king, of course. That fell through. Anyway...


Step 1: Piece List

For the board, you will need the following pieces.

Green - 272
White - 114
Red - 16

Light Grey - 20
Green - 20
Yellow - 12
Purple - 64
Blue - 80
White - 16

For one set of players (you will need two of different color schemes):

Green - 44
White - 22

Light Grey - 12
Red - 9
Green - 9
Yellow - 9
Purple - 16

Step 2: The Top

This is a pretty sucky step. Get it over with.

Notice how the connectors are built in rows. It is important that you make your board identical. Remember the white and green rods on the sides!

1: Build it. Not too hard, just long and monotonous
2: Close up of the side

Step 3: Sides

These are the sides when put together they will make a frame for the board and bottom to connect to.

1: Build this end piece. Nothing special
2: This is what the ends look like
3: Look from the top
4: Now build another one. You'll need one for both ends
5: Build these two side panels. Nothing hard either, just build what you see.
6: Close up of one end. The other side is identical

Step 4: Base

This is the shortest step!


1: Build this big panel. Real easy. Don't forget the rods on the ends.

Step 5: Assembley

Here you get to put the board together. Pretty easy. Go nuts!

1: Connect the two side pieces to one of the end bits
2: Should look like so
3: Add the other end bit on the other side. Now you have a box
4: Put the bottom piece in like so
5: Close up of that connection
6: Now, slap the board on top. Make sure that all the blues are pointing their slots either always at a 45 degree angle up or down. They cannot be side up, then down. then up, etc. Just make sure to put it on as it is in the photo.
7: Close up of one of the corners

Step 6: Playing Pieces

These are the pieces that you will use. I strongly suggest that you modify them to your own taste however, these are just a suggestion. Just remember to keep the piece colors different for each team.

1: Pawns, each team needs eight.
2: Rooks, each team needs two.
3: Knights, each team needs two.
4: Bishops, each team needs two.
5: Queens, each team needs one.
6: Kings, each team needs one.
7: All in all, these are all the pieces that you need.

Step 7: Go Play Chess!

You're done! Now you can play chess on your very own Knex chess set. Just a hint with clipping the players into place, you can either tilt the player and jam it in (photo two) or you can clip it onto the white rod, tilt it, and then unsnap it from the rod and clip it into place (photos 3-5).

Just in case you just got brainwashed, here are the rules to playing Chess.

Thats all! Thanks for viewing my Instructable.