Introduction: Knex Classic-Style Shotgun

Hey everybody! I was remaking my quad in bright colors to post it (thanks for the feedback on that by the way), but ended up getting distracted and made this.

It's a simple pump-action shotgun, it loads 14+1 rounds in a one-way hopper (ie: rounds load easily, but don't fall out), the pump locks up tight when returned forward, with little play in the mechanism.

The trigger is cog-driven, with an orange/grey rod transfer bar running the rear trigger to the forward mechanism.

I did use 2 cut white connectors (and 4 white-length cut rods), the white connectors are just for comfort, and could easily be designed out, the cut rods however are necessary for properly-reinforced trigger cogs.

Also it has an unfortunate tendency to eat thick bands (#64's are a no-go), but with thinner ones (I use long filing rubber bands) it works fine.

Range is mediocre, there's a bit of dead space with the pump that brings it down, but it's not terrible.

Hope you guys like it, the quad (and this if you want it) should be posted soon!