Introduction: Functioning K'NEX Clock

Hello again!

I'm back with my Knex clock! I though I'd provide a more in depth explanation on how it works. This version is also a lot more updated with a cleaner system.

How is works:

To start off, the clock is powered by the downwards motion of the water bottle. This pulls the chain which is connected to the gears in the back of the clock. These gears are on the same axle as the pendulum which regulates the speed for the clock. As axle spins, the motion goes into a gear box which controls the minute hand. It makes sure that the minute hand take about 60 minutes to make it around the clock. After one full rotation, another cog wheel (images 4 and 5) turns a bit which lies in the same axle as the minute hand but moves independently. When it turns, the hand will moves the correct length the show a past hour.

This sequence will continue until the water bottle reaches the bottom of the tower. When this happens, the user needs to pull down on the side pulley (image 1). This will pull back up the main water bottle and reset it. Luckily the clock will continue to work even when the side pulley is being pulled up.


As cool as this is, it can be used to replace an actual clock. Due to its limitation, it has to be reset about every 20-25 minutes, and if the user fails to do this, the entire clock would need to be re-calibrated. But, if you can sit near this and be able to reset it every set amount of time, this is the Knex creation for you!

If you have any questions, comments or anything of the sort, feel free to leave a comment below!

One last thing...

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