K'nex Cross Bow

Introduction: K'nex Cross Bow

This is my first instructables!
I will be showing you how to make a K'nex cross bow
that will shoot a 2 1/2 ft arrows or knex arrows nearly through card board.

Materials: (About)
*4 rubber bands
35 green
48 white
22 blue
3 red
4 grey
*2 large wheels
6 grey
2 blue stubs (see step 1)
2 grey stubs (see step 1)
10 red
26 green
14 yello
13 white
*2 Dark blue
4 orange
1 red conector
5 orange conectors
1 blue rod
3 grey rods

Step 1: Assemble Triger

This is how you Assemble the triger.
this is the only place you ned to use the dark blue conector
( i only used them every where else because i had no more white conectors)

Step 2: Build the Rest

I am not giving much detail in making this part
Srry this picture is upside down.

Step 3: Making the Limbs

this takes 3 rubber bands to make 1 on each wheel i renforced the 2 on the wheel by adding 1 more

Step 4: Ataching All 3 Parts

Attaching all 3 parts

Step 5: Fully Completed

yea i'st all done!

Step 6: The End

The End
The arrow and rubber band sits where you see it.
When you pull the triger it pushes up and out the rubber band

the 2 sticks are for when you are loading it so when or if the arrow and rubber bmake sure they will stop the rubber bandsand slips out, these will make the arrow shoot only 2 ftmake sure the 2 rods stop the rubber bands
making knex arrow:
atach pieces where the red conector is the tip then grey rod, orange conector, grey rod, orange conector, grey rod, orange conector blue rod and last orange conector.


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    13 years ago on Introduction

    i justbult this thing and only have 2 words to say YOU F***ING RULE this has alot of power oh and ps i gess thats 3 words


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    yess red conector ,Grey rod ,orange conecter ,grey rod ogange conector


    13 years ago on Introduction

    so what? at least you have one. you can just change it when you get some time, just say what color connector or rod you need.