Introduction: Knex Desk Organizer

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Is your desk piled under lots of paper and other office supplies? If it is, this knex desk organizer is just the thing for you! It has a few shelves to put your paper on, a "cup" to put your pens in, a box without a lid to put your sticky notes in, and a rod to slide your paper clips on. Once you make this, you will be able to see your desk again!

Step 1: Parts Count


Dark Grey - 16

Orange - 1

Red - 66

Purple 3D - 79

Yellow - 16

Blue 3D - 27

White - 13


Green - 36

White - 142

Blue - 66

Yellow - 43

Red - 5

Grey - 2


Blue Spacers - 8

Y-Clip - 7

Messy Desk - 1

Step 2: Paper Shelf Part 1

Pic 1: Build the base.

Pic 2: Snap blue rods around the base.

Pic 3: Make the outside of the bottom shelf.

Pic 4: Add this to the outside of the bottom shelf.

Pic 5: Snap on the stabilizers to the bottom shelf.

Pic 6: Connect the shelf to the base.

Step 3: Paper Shelf Part 2

Pic 1: Make the outside of another shelf.

Pic 2: Add this to the outside of the shelf.

Pics 3 and 4: Snap on these stabilizers all around the shelf. Make two of these.

Pic 5: Snap green rods all around the base.

Pic 6: Add another shelf to the base.

Pics 7 and 8: Repeat steps 5 and 6.

Step 4: Paper Shelf Part 3

Pics 1-3: Make the shelf like before. Notice the 3D connectors around the sides are different then the other shelves.

Pic 4 and 5: Connect the top shelf to the others and you are done with the paper shelf!

Step 5: The Pen Cup

Pic 1: Build two of these.

Pic 2: Connect the top and bottom with blue rods.

Pic 3: Connect the cup to the shelves.

Step 6: Sticky Note Box and Paper Clip Rod

Pic 1: Make the outside of the box.

Pic 2: Add these for stability.

Pic 3: Snap on Y-Clips to the outside of the box.

Pic 4: Add rods to the Y-Clips.

Pic 5: Connect the box to the shelves.

Pic 6: Add a yellow rod for the paper clips.

Step 7: Done!!

Now you are finished. If you have small paper clips you will have to add a micro rod to put them on.

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