K'nex "Dragonfly"

Introduction: K'nex "Dragonfly"

These are a few easy steps to make a "dragonfly" with only standard K'nex parts.

Step 1: Head

Take one blue connector and snap one white rod in opposite the slot

Take another blue connector and snap one white rod in opposite the slot and in the two holes next to it snap in two more white rods

Slide the two blue connectors together via the slots in the front

Step 2: Legs Pt. 1

Using 2 red connectors and 2 white rods connect one white rod to each red connector using the slot of the red connector that is perpendicular to the hole in the red connector

Orient so that both white rods are facing down and both empty holes perpendicular to the white rod are facing to the right

Using 2 orange connectors snap the orange connectors onto the bottom of both white rods as shown in the picture

Using 2 green rods attach a green rod into the open slot of the orange connector on both sides

Using two gray clips attach a gray clip to the green rods on both sides

Using two white rods attach a white rod into the open slot on the gray connectors on both sides so that both white rods are to the outside of the leg as shown in the image

Using 2 orange connectors attach an orange connector to the end of the white rods that are sticking out from the gray connectors on both sides

Step 3: Legs Pt. 2

Attach 1 blue rod to the farthest outside connecting slots of 2 green connectors

Using 2 blue rods snap one blue rod into the outside slot of the green connectors

Place a gray connector onto the end of each blue rod with the empty connecting slot facing towards the middle

Insert green rods into the empty slots on the gray connectors

Using the center most blue rod on the piece just made attach the just made piece with the two legs connecting the rod to the two red connectors using the slot perpendicular to the hole on the red connector

Step 4: Tail

Place black clip in one side of orange connector and connect the other side of the orange connector onto the blue rod

Slide yellow connector down blue rod via the hole in the center of the yellow connector

Snap black connector onto blue rod pinning the yellow connector in place

Snap blue rod into purple connector perpendicular to the large open slot

On a second blue rod snap beige clip onto the blue rod leaving a little room as shown in image

Snap blue rod with beige clip into purple connector opposite the large open slot

slide purple and blue connectors together using the large open slot

Step 5: Wings

Attach one red triangular panel to each slot in one green connector with triangular panels perpendicular to the green piece as shown in the image

Assemble front piece as shown in picture

Connect front piece to only one side of intermost triangular panels using the farthest right slot of the green connector

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Slide the two inside red triangular panel over the top ball joints of the grey body using the center holes(it will be loose before it is connected with the green connector)

Connect non-connected green connector to red triangular panel (you will have to force it)

Insert blue rod with beige clip of tail into the center hole of the green clip until it hits the beige connector

Attach black clip to blue rod on the opposite side of the green connector which doesn't contain the beige clip to prevent sliding

Slide the two red connectors of the legs over the bottom ball joints of the grey body to secure the legs in place. Tighten as much as possible by sliding the red connectors towards one another to reduce sliding or pieces falling off

Slide the singular white rod of the head into the hole on the gray body piece

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    It's so cool! Definitely a colorful build, and I love how detailed your steps are! Thanks for sharing!