Introduction: Knex Eclipse Marble Machine Instructions

I'm back! I decided to make a Marble Run for the fun of it and I liked what I came up with so here you go! This is not my own design though, I found this on youtube a long time ago and liked the belt design.

It's no big thing but sometimes less is more, just hope you have enough dark-grey connectors!


I'm also using a different camera.

Step 1: Piece Count

Coming soon!

Step 2: Base

That's what it is!

Step 3: Main Supports

Time for the first big step!

Step 4: Motor and Guide-Tires

I use green motors because it's convenient for my fellow builders.

Step 5: Lift Belt

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to put this thing on. I'll try to give you a good way to do this.

Take half of the support structure off and put the belt on that way but it won't be easy. Trust me, it feels so good when you get past this step.

Step 6: Path Selector

This was pretty hard to design.

Step 7: Path 1

My favorite path.

Step 8: Path 2

Final step!