Introduction: Knex Empire State Building!

Hi! I'm a new instructables member. This is my first instructable and if you are expecting a ball machine I will not  have anything like Copper or Metropolis.  Within a week, I will have part 1 of  a roller coaster called Fury. This is only an simple build, so it might fall over. You can add any supports if you want to. So, lets get building! (p.s. I did not purposely post this the day before Thanksgiving)

Step 1: Step 1,Part 1 the Pinnacle and Supports

 Pic. 1 Part 1, the pinnacle and supports.
Pic. 2 Y-clips are not needed.
Pic. 3 Simply build.
Pic. 4 Build.
Pic. 5 Another view of pic. 4.
Pic. 6 Top view of  Pic. 4.
Pic. 7 Notice the gear.
Pic. 8 Close-up view of Pic. 7.
Pic. 9 Assembly!
Pic. 10 Build 8.
Pic. 11 and 12 Attach supports.

Step 2: Step 2, Part 2 the Base

Pic. 1 Build, green rods are flexie rods.
Pic. 2 Build.
Pic. 3 Twins! ( Yes, you do need to build twice.)
Pic. 4 Triplets!( Three times)
Pic. 5 The base of the base.
Pic. 6 Optional decorations.
Pic. 7 Add optional decorations.
Attach everything.

Step 3: Step 3 Part 3 Assambly

Step 1: Attach the Pinnacle and the base.