Introduction: Knex FAL

This is my Knex FAL IT'S JUST A MODEL IT DOSEN'T SHOOT! Here are the good and bad of this gun good:sturdy stock comfy handgrip LOTS OF RAIL SPACE bad: only a model dosen't shoot. Without any further a do let's build!!!! Ps it's my first instrucable

Step 1: Main Body

Pic1-2 end product

Pic3 make 2

Pic4 make 2

Pic5 make 1

Pic6 make 1

Pic7 add blue rods to one side panel

Pic8 add pieces

Pic9 connect

Pic10 side view

Pic11 attach trigger

Pic12 add rods

Step 2: Stock

Pic1 it's pretty simple you should figure it out

Step 3: Handgrip

Step 4: Barrel

Step 5: Mag

Step 6: Attachments

Step 7: Assembly

Step 8: Adding the Attachments

Step 9: ALL DONE!!!