Introduction: Knex FN F2000

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Here is my (not so) long awaited bolt action bullpup F2000.

It features a 15 round mag that fires blue length rods.  It also has a chamber port (this is new and not on the slideshow) where yellow rods or sharpened greys and reds can be loaded and fired.

As mentioned, it is bolt action and bullpup with a removable mag.  It achieves a good amound of power despite being a true bullpup because the bolt pushes the round around 4 inches forwards out of the mag into a chamber above the handle.

I'm afraid for the best reliability and performance the weapon has to use lengths of grey rod cut to the length of blue rods to stop interlocking in the mag, but this is only because of the power or the mag pusher.  I'm sure one of you can easily modify the mag to use a weaker external pusher and then the gun can fires blue rods.  I just happened to have loads of bent up grey rods that I had to forcibly remove from my NAR that weren't much good for anything else, so I used then for optimum performance.

Now if people want me to post my version of the mag which has to fire cut rods I will do it, but I don't see the point if no one wants to use cut pieces.  I'll try making a new external pusher mag, but if you do want to use mine, tell me and I'll post it.

Step 1: Main Bodywork

This step is a colossal pain, but when you have it done, the rest is nice and easy, so just get through it.

1.  Build this panel.
2.  Add these rods; don't miss any, there should be 49 in total.
3.  Now make these inner pieces.
4.  Add them to the other panel; it may be easier to slightly dismantle it in places, but make sure they go back as they were.
5.  Now make this, it really is as simple as it looks.
6.  Add it here.  The white rod at the back goes into the hole in the red connector.
7.  Get three grey connectors and put them here.  Note the tan connector.
8.  Make these pieces for the mag release catch.
9.  Add them here; make sure it stays in this position from now on.
10.  Get these.
11.  Put them here. Sorry about the flash.
12.  Make the inner barrel.
13.  And this piece;  the tan connector must be sanded down to just below the peg so the peg is all gone.  You probably could leave the tan connector out.  See the image notes.
14.  Get this.  
15.  This is where they go in the body. 
16.  A close up of the ramp connection.  You can see here why the orange has to be sanded.
17.  Make this little piece.
18.  Put it on the front here.
19.  Get these.
20.  Put them on here; 2 on each rod.
21.  Make this piece.
22.  Put it here in the stock.
23.  Make the trigger block; it includes the end of a cut rod (like in the Mezak)
24.  Make the bottom of the bolt guide.
25.  Put it (and the trigger) here.  See notes.
26.  Here's a close up of how the trigger goes into the general area.
27.  Make this.
28.  Put it in the back wall of the mag well.
29.  Make this panel.
30.  Add it here.  As before, you may want to dismantle it in places.
31.  Here's a look at the port.  Make sure you get those little panels in the right place.
32.  Important step.  Get a #64 around the red connector in the internals and stretch it forwards on both sides.  This is the bullet lock.
33.  Make this panel.
34.  I DON'T HAVE A PICTURE FOR THIS.  Just add it to sandwich everything you've done in between the two big panels.  Enjoy snapping those 49 blue rods in :D
35.  Make or gather these. 
36.  Put them here.  See image notes.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You're done with the hardest part.

Step 2: Handle and Trigger Guard

This is a nice easy step for you to enjoy.

1.  Make this panel.
2.  Add these rods.
3.  Put these pieces in.
4.  Put the other side panel on; it's exactly the same as the other side.
5.  Attach it to the main body via the blue connectors at the top and with the white rods at the back.
6.  Put some comfy wheels on it.  I also made a wrist guard to stop the rods digging in.
7.  Follow the picture notes as well from now on, because the photos can be a little confusing.
8.  Make the trigger.
9.  Put it in there.  (yes I do see the innuendo)
10.  Make this.  The tan connector should be a blue stub. but I only have one so I have to modify my tan connectors.
11.  Attach it here.
12.  Make these pieces.
13.  Put it onto the last piece.
14.  Make these panels.
15.  And put them on here; make sure that green rod is still in there.

Well done, you are nearly finished (sort of)

Step 3: The Front

Nearly there now!

1.  Make the front of the rail.  It's not tricky.
2.  Attach it to the main body.
3.  Make two of these panels.
4.  Attach them as shown here; one on each side.
5.  This is really unclear.  See the notes.  Add the pieces.
6.  This is the foresight.  Make these pieces.
7.  Attach them as shown.
8.  Put it on the gun.
9.  Make this piece. 
10.  Make this bit too.  It's only 3 yellows, not 5.
11.  Attach the last two bits to the front of the weapon as shown. 
12.  Make these panels.
13.  Attach them just in front of the foresight.
14.  Make the front of the weapon.  Follow the notes if you have problems.
15.  Make this piece.
16.  Attach it to the last piece, and attach where shown.  Attach the hinges at the top of this piece to the yellow connectors at the top of the main body, and attach the bendy bit where shown.

Step 4: Extra Bits

Important bits.

1-2.  Make this piece.
3.  Make this piece.
4.  Attach them to the stock.  It's a little complicated, but you'll work it out.
5.  This is the pin and pin guide set up.  Follow the notes.
6.  This is the bolt; there's another view I suggest you look at before you start making it.
7.  Follow the notes.
8.  Unfortunately, you have to cut the very tip off the bolt rod.  Only cut the head bit off.
9. Put the pin and bolt into their holes, and snap the guide pins into the places shown by notes.
10.  Add this little piece for comfort.
11.  This is the rear sight.  It can flip up and down.  Make it.
12.  Put it into the main body just behind the rail.  Add the tan connector facing inwards.
13.  To put the sight down, turn the sight so it is down, then push the tan connector in to lock it.

Step 5: Optic

Here's the optic.  Since these pictures I've made it taller to be more realistic.  I may post it later.

1.  Make these pieces.  They are the sight elements and support pieces.
2.  Make the top of the sight.
3.  Make these pieces, they are what will attach the sight to the rail of the weapon.
4.  These are the side panels.  Make them.
5-6.  These pictures show you where to attach steps 1 and 3 together.
7.  Attach the other side panel.
8.  Put the top on.
9.  Put these pieces throught the holes in the bottom of the sight.
10.  This is the sight attached to the rail.

Step 6: Mag

Sooooo nearly there now.  You could actually put some bands on and breech load it.  However, you probably want the mag.  Now if people want me to post my version of the mag which has to use cut rods I will do it, but I don't see the point if no one wants to use cut pieces.  I'll try making a new external pusher mag, but if you do want to use mine, tell me and I'll post it.