Knex Fishin Pole

Introduction: Knex Fishin Pole

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Have a small crick with very small
Fish in it that are not big enough to use a conventional rod and reel on? Want to practice catch and realease with little ones? Then this is for you.

Step 1: Pieces

What you will need
-2 orange connectors
- 2 green clips
- white clip
- one purple connector
- on yellow clip
- 1 yellow rod
- 2 red rods
- spool of thread
- duct tape

Step 2: Put Together

Okay I'm feeling a bit lazy today so just look at pics and figure out foe yourself. Please do not get mad at me if you hook a 27.8 pound pike and your line snaps you need to keep on mind that this is only suitable for small fish like minnows. What is under the duct tape is a orange connector attached halfway down the red rod.

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    6 years ago

    One good idea for sinkers is taking .177 wad cutters or any pellet i just like wadcutters for weight, and cut a small groove down the center starting from the top and ending at the skirt. This should allow you to put the thread inside this notch and squeez the heck out of it with pliers. Bye!