Introduction: Knex Fishin Pole

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Have a small crick with very small
Fish in it that are not big enough to use a conventional rod and reel on? Want to practice catch and realease with little ones? Then this is for you.

Step 1: Pieces

What you will need
-2 orange connectors
- 2 green clips
- white clip
- one purple connector
- on yellow clip
- 1 yellow rod
- 2 red rods
- spool of thread
- duct tape

Step 2: Put Together

Okay I'm feeling a bit lazy today so just look at pics and figure out foe yourself. Please do not get mad at me if you hook a 27.8 pound pike and your line snaps you need to keep on mind that this is only suitable for small fish like minnows. What is under the duct tape is a orange connector attached halfway down the red rod.