K'nex Flail

Introduction: K'nex Flail

Hi everyone, I will show you how to make a K'nex flail. It's awesome. I hope you will like it !

Step 1: The Pieces

First, here is the pieces for the construction.


Grey: 14

Yellow: 1

White: 17

Green: 5

Orange: 8


White: 6

Yellow: 1

Red: 2

Blue/Blue: 3

Purple (for the big rods): 2

Purple (for the little rods): 4

Pale Orange: 4


Rope: 1

Total: 68 Pieces

Step 2: The Handle

Step 3: The Spiked Ball

Step 4: The Final Assembly

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Neat! I used to build flails out of K'nex, but I would always end up hitting myself. :/