Introduction: K'nex Alien Ship (Foldable)

This creation is a triangle shaped folding alien ship. It can be positioned in many forms and folded up to reduce its size. (the green pieces on the bottom can also be folded out but I forgot to show that in the video)


6 yellow rods, 3 blue rods, 6 white rods, 18 green rods, 3 7-way 3d connectors, 6 5-way connectors, 3 4-way connectors, 3 3-way connectors, 3 2-way connectors, 3 2-way straight connectors (not in picture), 6 tan clips, 3 orange clips, 3 gray clips and 6 chain sections.

Step 1: Gather Pieces

Gather all the pieces together and maybe put on some music.

Step 2: Base

Get pieces

Build this twice

Twist both


Add pieces on bottom (either side)

Step 3: Bottom of Side-arms

Get pieces

Build both three times

Attach to base

Attach to base

Step 4: Middle

Get pieces

Build both three times

Attach to base (like a tepee)

Step 5: Top of Side-arms

Get pieces

Build both three times

Stick through purple clip

Attach tan clip

Attach chain

Step 6: Unfold/Fold

Fold green piece under

Fold side-arms down and twist chain so it faces in

Fold clip with white rod in

Twist the middle pieces to let it pass

Push middle down

Turn top around

To unfold simply do the opposite (You don't have to fold or unfold in any specific order)

Step 7: Play!

You can add take away and change pieces to make it look completely different or put other alien/space themed creations with it to create a scene.

Step 8: Different Angles