Introduction: K'nex Foosball Table Instructions


As promised, here are the instructions for the knex foosball table! This foosball table is very complicated to build, so pay very very very close attention to the pictures and image notes! Otherwise something may go very wrong.

Anyhow, feel free to look at the pictures above and watch the video. Then move on to the next step to count your pieces!

See you then!

Here's the link to the instructable:

Also, am I crazy for making this? Yes. Yes I am.


Step 1: Part Count

Here are the pieces necessary to make the k'nex foosball table! They are listed in their classic color from smallest to biggest.


Green rods:1144

White rods: 110

Blue rods: 504

Yellow rods: 252

Red rods: 55

Grey rods: 24

Total rods: 2,089


Dark grey (1 slot) : 66

Light grey (2 slot): 5

metallic* orange (2 slot): 48

orange (2 slot): 208

metallic* red (3 slot): 28
red (3 slot): 157

Green: 19

Purple (4 slot 3D): 452

Yellow (5 slot): 730

Blue (7 slot 3D): 76

White (8 slot): 92

Total connectors: 1,940


Blue spacers: 78

Grey spacers: 41

Blue or Y clips: 12

Tan clips: 14

Y clips: 22

Total misc.: 167

Grand total: 4,196

*these are only if you want to have teams. Otherwise, just add this amount to the classic colored list of that part.

Step 2: The Legs

Well, you couldn't call it a table without the legs, now could you? This part is optional, as it would still work without the legs; you'll just have to build a different place to put the balls. It could be a tabletop foosball table though!

Step 3: The Table

Okay, for those of you that are blind and didn't see me tell you this at the beginning, READ THE IMAGE NOTES!You'll really need them because this step is really involved!

(it is the best step and also the biggest one, so that's pretty cool)

Step 4: The Floor

I know this is what you've been waiting for! We're going to make the slick floor in this step! Again, pay attention to the image notes; they'll help you a lot!

Step 5: The Goals

In this step we'll make the goals. If you want to have teams, remember which side you have the goals on, because when it comes time to add the players, you'll want to put them on the correct side...right...?

Step 6: Attaching the Legs to the Table

As the title indicates, in this step we'll be attaching the legs! Finally, it'll be a real table!

As stated before, this is optional!

Step 7: The Players

In this step we will make and install the players! Remember that they are installed on their relative sides.

I'm sorry this happened, but when making the instructions, I put one of the sets of players on backwards. It is indicated with an image note (hey, remember how I said to look at them?), so when you come across it remember to reverse it. Hope I didn't cause any trouble! :)

Step 8: Done!

Hooray! You made your very own k'nex foosball table! Have fun using it, and possibly have a friend or two use it with you.

Oh, if you made this, feel free to post a comment with a picture of your k'nex foosball table! If you do decide to it'll be added to this step.

Thanks for sticking with it!


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