Introduction: K'nex Foosball - World Cup 2014 Edition: Germany Vs Argentina

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GOOOOOOOOAL!! Mario Götze scores the first goal of the match, with only 7 minutes of extra time left, will Argentina bring it back?!?!....

Those were good times. Scorching hot weather, never-ending games of Football. Life was grand. It's unfortunate that this summer will be without the presence of International Football.

For all you Soccer and Football fans groaning in despair, fortunately you can now RELIVE the moments as if you were the manager and play the match to its limits, even with an alternative score ;-)

Welcome all!

It's been such a while that I even thought about K'nex, or even actively commented on Instructables. I had been looking forward to my deluded vision summer 'Rods and Connectors 2015' Contest. Upon looking through the weekly newsletter, I noticed it said 'K'nex Contest'. I'm sure you can guess what I immediately did :D

Today I present to you an idea that I have had for quite a while. With 2014 being behind along with the world cup :-(, I decided to recreate the joy and pleasure us fans get from watching Lionel Messi do his magic. :-) This Foosball table is also entirely made from K'nex. Notice the halfway lining and centre circle is included :D You can get a better view of this is the 'White Field' step! :-)

The Foosball table is complete with:

> Corner flags

> Half way lines, and penalty area lining

> Goal scoring system for both teams

> Goals with functioning nets!

> Kits matching accordingly to both Argentina and Germany

As well as it being portable also :D

This is also my entry for the K'nex Contest, so if you enjoyed this Instructable, I would appreciate a vote deeply!!

Onto the piece list we go!

Step 1: Piece Count

You've decided to make it? Good choice. For ease of building it would be beneficial getting the following. So...go get 'em!

Note - The pieces are labelled in their classic K'nex colours


Grey - 24

Red - 2

Yellow - 6

Blue - 58

White - 123

Green - 392


3D Blue - 378

3D Purple - 267

White - 184

Yellow - 14

Green - 53

Red - 48

Grey (2 clips) - 8

Grey (1 clip) - 43


Chain - 72

Orange Splice clip - 14

2 K'nex ball halves (1 ball)


Got them? Awesome, you're good to go then. Go to the next step to begin making the legs!! :D

Step 2: The Legs

Ok, to begin with, we will be making the legs. Actually, I mean YOU will be making the legs :-)


1) Build these 4. Simple as that.

2) Close up view of one.

3) Another view

Pretty boring, I know. Lets move on! :-)

Step 3: The Base

Right, now here is where the trickier bit is. A bit harder, but fairly easy. Just don't let the different views confuse you. ;)


1) Make this to begin with

2) Another view

3) Another view

4) And another view (of the side_

5) A close up of the side

6) The other side

7) And a final view. This time from the bottom

8) Attach the legs to the bottom as shown

9) Close up view. Be careful of placement of the green rods

10) Another view

A bit harder, but you did it! And that's what qualifies. Mind my use of football jargon :-)

Step 4: The Field (White Floor)

In this step, you will be making the field. This is fairly easy honestly speaking, and rather enjoyable. Take your time, even if you need any extra time. I know, it doesn't make sense XD I try too hard I guess!


1) Begin by making this

2) A close up of the left side

3) A close up of the right side

4) A corner edge, this is the same for the other 3.

5) Another view, notice the corner flag too!

6) A view of the side

7) Connect it to the base as shown

8) Make sure that you get the blue rods connected inside too

9) Another view

10) And another view

Fun, wasn't it? Now it is starting to look more like a football pitch, onwards and upwards!

Step 5: The Goals

GOOOAL!!! The most fun element of a football pitch, who can't resist making one? Well now it is your turn :D


1) This is what you should have, so far

2) Make this goal as shown

3) Another view, make sure you have the correct amount of chain links; 7 across and 5 down.

4) And another view

5) A final view. Now make another one for the other side using the previous pictures!

6) Connect as shown to the grey clips and the white field

7) Another view

8) And another view

9) Yet another view

10) And yes, a goal has now been scored!!! :D

Step 6: The Goalies

Without goalies, football would just be...boring. The players are colour co-ordinated, pay good attention to the positioning.


1) Make these 2 keepers

2) Close up of the Romero :)

3) Close up of Neuer

4) Connect them as shown, and they shall defend the goals with their lives!

5) View of the other side

6) Make note of the corner flags

7) Another view

Wow, you're shooting through this 'Ible (pun intended) :D

Step 7: The Strikers!!

The strikers!!! Yay, this is where the magic happens.


1) Build these 4. Higuain and Messi, Kroos and Klose

2) Close up view

3) Another view

5) Attach them as shown

6) Another view

7) And a final view

Getting close to the end now, keep it up

Step 8: The Defenders

Onto the defence now. This is a little more time consuming than the previous steps, but it makes the game all the better!! :-)


1) Make all of these

2) Close up view, they are the same as before

3) Another view

4) Attach them as shown

5) Another view

Good going, kudos on making it this far! :D

Step 9: The Midfielders

The midfielders, the final set of players...You're on the homerun now!

1) Make these as shown

2) Another view

3) Another view

4) And another view, this time of the other player.

5) A final view

6) Make this fella next

7) A view of all 3 of the Agentinian midfielders

8) A close up view

9) Attach as shown

10) Another view

11) And another view

12) A final view

Hurray!! The players are all now present. On the next step, we make the handles. While you do that, the players can warm up :D

Step 10: The Handles

In this step, we will increase movement and ease of use for the foosball table. Green handle = Germany, Red handle = Argentina :D


1) Make this as shown. Make 4 of these altogether

2) Another view

3) Make the green ones (4 of these as well)

4) Another view

5) A close up

6) Attach as shown to the grey rod

7) Attach the red also

8) Another view

1 more step to go, 1 more step to the final! :-)

Step 11: Counter System

This is technically the final step. Here you will be making the easy counter system!


1) Make these as shown

2) Another view

3) Another view of how to clip it

4) 1-0 this shows

5) 2-0 this shows. The other purple clip counter is on the other side. Clip it the same way

6) A final view

YAY! You've completed your long quest in making a foosball table! Onto the next step where you will receive the world cup :D

Step 12: Let the Game Begin!!

*Whistle blows for beginning of the match* CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

You have finally completed the foosball table.

Now your summer won't be as bad, missing out on the footy.

Place a K'nex ball in the centre, and you should be good to go.

If you made the foosball table, post a message in the comment section. If you do, you will receive a patch ;D

And also, if you like this 'Ible, please vote it in the contest. It is much appreciated.

See you all next time,


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