Knex Frag Shotgun

Introduction: Knex Frag Shotgun

I invented this a while ago, and just now thought to remake it and show you guys how to build it. It fires blue and/or grey spacers all over the place.

Step 1: Materials

Knex pieces- 4 x orange straight connectors 5 x yellow half-circle connectors 2 x red 90 degree connectors 2 x green 4-space connectors 2 x purple/grey end connectors 3 x red (second longest) rods 3 x white/black (second shortest) rods 1x blue (third shortest) rod A whole bunch of blue and grey spacers for ammo! Other stuff- •2 rubber bands that are EXACTLY THE SAME and not too powerful- I used the little skinny ones •Duct Tape!

Step 2: Gun Base

First you have to build the base of the gun. First you connect the 3 red rods together using 4 of the yellow connectors and the 2 grey end pieces. Then you need to put 2 orange connectors on the ends of the outside 2 rods.

Step 3: The Handle

To attach the handle, you need to attach the 2 red 90 degree connectors to the back side studs of the base. Next, hook the last yellow connector to the middle one. You have to run one of the small white/black connectors through the yellow in the middle and attach it to the red ones at both ends. Then, attach the last 2 white rods to the bottom of the yellow connector you just attached. Lastly, just hook on the 2 green connectors with the blue rod to finish the handle.

Step 4: Rubber Bands and Trigger

To finish, you slide one of the remaining orange connectors onto the central red rod. Next, you put the 2 rubber bands around the orange connectors on the side 2 rods and around the middle connector, and duct tape the bands in place. For the trigger, you take the last orange piece and attach it to the central rod in front of the sliding orange piece.

Step 5: Firing

To fire, you pull the trigger back, so you can hold it back with the index finger of the hand on the handle. Then, while you're holding back the trigger, you load the spacers onto the central rod. To fire, pull the trigger back so it snaps off the central rod, and the middle orange piece should shoot them everywhere.

Step 6: Finished!

Now that you have your finished Frag Shotgun, you can spray your friends and family with "bullets!" And a suggestion: you can attach an ammo holder to the back to hold extra spacers if you want. Comments appreciated!

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    9 years ago

    I dont have that many pieces. I just have one small box of stuff I use to build little guns and such.

    That is kinda interesting. I like the concept, but I would suggest that you elaborate on your gun. Give stats and things of that sort. I would also suggest that you post bigger guns, or rather, guns that use more pieces. The K'NEX community enjoys new type of concepts, but we like guns that are bigger/more elaborate/more piece consuming (in a sense). Happy building. =D


    9 years ago

    Sorry about the weird instructions apparently it ignores returns/enters.