Introduction: Knex Gearbox/ Transmission

This Knex Gearbox has neutral, slow and fast.
It has a stand and all you have to do to install it into a car is take of the stand and fit it in.

Piece List


7 yellow 5 point connectors
2 grey 2 point connectors
2 white 8 point connectors
2 maroon clips (that fit into cogs, gears and wheels)
1 metallic blue clip (like a maroon but no point thingy)
12 grey clips


4 green rods
6 white rods
2 blue rods
1 yellow rod
2 red rods


2 small gears with holes
2 medium gears
1 motor

Step 1: Parts

These are individual parts which make up the gearbox.
Make one of everything (unless your making more than one :D)

Step 2: Assembly

Just assembling parts

Step 3: Gears

where the gears should be to change gears.