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Introduction: Knex Glock

About: Hey everyone, I am back from the "dead" and I got some things I have been working on, see you soon

I gotta be honest, I am not great at creating things with my own mind, but I am good at improving things from someone else

Take this pistol for example. It resembles a glock (the handle is too much slanted). But it is not originally my design.

It was made by nickpckin, why made it from the oodammo pistol version 3 from theDunkis (Great pistol BTW)

Anyway, here is the instruction for this glock-like pistol

Pictures are pretty easy to follow


Step 1: The Handle

Take a good look at these photo's and you'll be able to make the glock look absolutely great.

The photos should be self explaining

Step 2: The Reciever + Trigger

Make this, it should be pretty simple

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments

Step 3: Finishing Up + the Firing Pin

This is the easiest part, take a good look at the photo's and you should be done by now. You can place as many rubberbands on the firing pin as you want, but be careful with the drawback of the pin, that it should not be too hard to pull

Place the rubberbands like shown in the last photo

Step 4: Alternate Version

While still being the same, this photo is the glock without the firing pin, and the rubberbands go back around to the trigger. making it a non-shooting prop, really good for cosplaying

Anyways, that is it for this knex build, let me know what you all think in the comments and 'till next time everyone

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    11 months ago

    OMG it is amazing, I modded it to look cooler, and I added 2 rubber bands, amazing work m8


    2 years ago

    Not bad, not bad, not at all like a glock though. With K'nex it can be hard to go into certain details, so a correct or better angle on the handle is almost necessary. Again not bad, but not a glock


    Reply 2 years ago

    I know that it does not completely resemble a glock, especially the handle, but the reciever and barrel just screamed Glock I.M.O.

    Still nice of you to notice this ible man, since the knex rifle community is almost dead