Introduction: Knex Guitar Stand

This is Instructable on my Knex Guitar Stand i built to hold my guitar, sheet music, and pick.

Step 1: Neck Lock and Sheet Music Stand

Pic 1: Picture of top holder and sheet music holder
Pic 2: Close up of Cross brace
Pic 3: Lock for guitar

Step 2: Bar Support

The support can be built taller of smaller depending on guitar height, the taller the less stable.

Pic 1: Bar support
Pic 2: Close up

Step 3: Bottom Support

Pic 1: Base
Pic 2: One side of base
Pic 3: Other side of Base
Pic 4: Bottom Pic of Base

Step 4:

Base of the stand

Pic 1: Base (looks complecated)
Pic 2: Close up of adjustable guitar holder/ spacer
Pic 3: Stabilizers
Pic 4: Front of Base
Pic 5: Middle Stabilizer

Step 5: Put It Together

Time to put ot together

Pic 1: Clip Base to Other Base
Pic 2: Clip Support Bar to Neck Locker
Pic 3: Your Done!!!

Step 6: Your Done!!!

Here what it should look like.

Step 7: Optional Parts

Optional Pick holder and Sheet Music Stand.

Pic 1: Pick Holder
Pic 2: Pick holder on its side
Pic 3: Pick Holder laying down
Pic 4: Sheet Music holder bars