Introduction: Knex Gun Guide 2016!

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Hey guys, here's a guide to (maybe) get some people into knex. As TheDunkis said: "I'm saddened by the lack of activity. Dunno if it can be helped. Our only hope is for someone to make a knex gun guide to get newbs up to snuff." Btw, that's probably typed wrong, i don't remember exactly what he said.
Here we go!

Step 1: Honorable Mentions of 2016

The coolest knex guns of 2016:
Lucas the Boss's LR2
Lucas the Boss's Final ible sawed off shotgun
TheDunkis's Barrackuda

Step 2: Block Triggers

A block trigger is a knex gun where there is a connector in the barrel, that the user rolls to the side to fire. Fred da bunny's mini knex gun is a good example of a block trigger. Also known as "noob guns" and "mini knex gun crap"

Step 3: True Triggers

A true trigger is a trigger like a real gun. Idk what else to put here, it's that easy to explain. Good examples of a true trigger are Lucas the Boss's LR2 And my Oodammo rifle.

Step 4: Rods

Dark green rod
White rod
Blue rod
Yellow rod
Red rod
Grey rod

Bending rods:
Light Blue
Light Purple
Light Green

No bending version of the red rod or dark green rod.

Step 5: Connectors

Red(90 degree)
Gray(y connector)
Purple/Dark gray

"3D" Connectors
Dark gray

Black(y clip)
Tan(tan clip)
Metallic blue(blue clip)

Step 6: Finished!

Finished! Hopefully this inspired a few people, and maybe brought back some old knexers. Bye!