Awesomestpower's Knex Gun: TR-18 Auto. Grand Bessy 2.0

Introduction: Awesomestpower's Knex Gun: TR-18 Auto. Grand Bessy 2.0

About: I just posted my knex gun TR-18. YouTube:\ Instagram:

Hello, it's awesomestpower and I've updated my "Grand Bessy" Knex Gun.



Please leave any suggestions in the comment section below!

DISCLAIMER: I've copied the 18 round chamber, front barrel, grip, and true trigger from KILLERK. The rest of the gun I’ve modded. You may copy any of the designs from my gun as long as you credit me.

Here's some of the mods and specialties. Note: The best mods are the trigger guard (I haven’t seen anyone put a trigger guard on the TR-18). The next mod is the safety switch, (this only works when the gun is cocked, it does defeat the purpose, but it is cool to have nonetheless). Another mod is the stock and the transforming stock butt, which slides down from a compact configuration to one that fits to your arm comfortably. This is adapt mode. The back of the stock butt acts like a bouncy spring when force is applied to the back of the gun. The last mod is a detachable scope (meaning that you can switch out different scopes if you like).


Stores up to 18 ammo (obviously).

Can shoot through walls (proven in KILLERK's video).

True trigger w/ black connector extension for easy reach and trigger guard connected to grip.

Safety switch in TR-18!

Only 5 layers thick (not including the thumb rest, which makes it 7 layers thick.

Transforming stock butt adapts to your arm or can be in a compact config.

Thumb rest provides a comfortable spot to place the thumb when shooting.

Quite clean build with a rarity of exposed connectors.

Detachable scope.


NOT fully automatic (TR-18 design), Auto. in title is abbreviated for Automatic. Rounds are loaded before each shot, instead reloading each round for each shot.

Fairly heavy at about 5 lbs.

Back of stock may expand to allow room for the ram rod (does not affect shooting or shooting distance).

Safety switch only works when gun is cocked.

Step 1: How I Made the Scope

Pic. 1: The scope view.

Pic. 2: The scope is made by connectors and is held together by two white rods.

Pic. 3: The TR-18 without the scope.

Pic. 4: The scope is detached from the gun.

Step 2: How I Made the Transforming Stock Butt

(Left Side)

Pic. 1: Compact Stock Butt on the Knex gun.

Pic. 2: Adaptive Stock Butt on the Knex gun.

Pic. 3: Compact Stock Butt

Pic. 4: Adaptive Stock Butt


Pic. 5: Compact Stock Butt

Pic. 6: Adaptive Stock Butt

Step 3: Overview of Trigger Mechanism and Safety Switch

Pic. 1: Close up of trigger with safety off.

Pic. 2: Close up of trigger with safety on.

Pic. 3: Close up of trigger with safety on. The grey connector attached to the blue rod, locks into the white connector. The red connector is attached to the blue rod. It is placed behind the trigger to prevent it from being pulled.

Pic. 4: Under trigger close up shot. Best example of the red connector behind the trigger. The green rod attached to trigger hits the red connector making the whole trigger stay in place.

(Left Side)

Pic. 5: Cocked.

Pic. 6: Close up of Knex gun cocked.

Pic. 7: Close up of Knex gun not cocked.

Pic. 8: Cocked with safety on.

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