Knex Gun (shotgun)

Introduction: Knex Gun (shotgun)

This is a long-barreled Knex gun I designed at home. It looks like a shotgun.

Step 1: What You Need

you will need:


52 yellow half circles

6 green connectors

2 red quarter circle connectors

16 orange connectors

2 black chopped of one connectors

1 dark grey one connector

2 white full circle connectors


79 green rods

56 white rods

1 dark blue rod

Step 2: Barrel

you can make the barrel as long as you like as long as it has the special bit on the end, I've made mine the perfect length but it really dosn't matter what the size is.

picture 1. The special part at the front is the red and green bit.

picture 1/ 2 Make as many as the yellow connector bits as you want (there is a picture of mine so just copy it if you want to make my size).

pic 3/4 Make two of these frame parts and remember to but a white connector on the back.

pic 4/5/6/7 Make the orange connector length from the green bit at the front to the bottom yellow half circle which is one half circle from the white full circle.Then, connect them to one side of the barrel using white rods.

pic 8 Make an extra orange connector thing and connect it using a white rod.

pic 9 Put the other half of the barrel on top and connect the white rods.

The barrel is finished

Step 3: The Handle

pic 1/2 Make two of the handle frames then connect an orange connector with a white rod on it to one of them.

pic 3 Attach the other side and you will get the handle.

pic 4 Attach the handle to the barrel

You have finished the handle and have also
finished the frame of the gun.

Step 4: Firing Mech and Extras

You have basically finished te gun, now for the extras that strengthen it and the firing mechanism.

pic 1 bits to make.

pic 2 add a white rod to the back.

pic 3/4 add the firing mech into the gun.

pic 5 make a white and dark grey peice for the bottom.

congrats you've finished the gun.

Step 5: Add Rubber Bands and Fire!!!!!!!!

add rubber bands to the trigger, then get a VERY big rubber band and stretch it onto the trigger things, then put a yellow half circle connect and put it down the barrel, pull the trigger and........... FIRE!!!!!!

pic 1 add a rubber band to the trigger.

pic 2/3 stretch the big rubber band to the trigger.

pic 4 add the piece, pull the trigger and....... FIRE!!

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    6 years ago

    I have a giant gun should I post it


    12 years ago on Introduction

    i have a great handgun that takes no green rods. should i post?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    yes! please! a no green handgun would be kool

    knex gun maker

    im not being nasty but i think thid doesnt look like a shotgun and looks flimsy but that mi opinion so that what i thng and is it a slingshot type


    13 years ago on Introduction

    oh yeah i modded it a bit and shot it all the way up the stairs, halfway across the kitchen and into the sink


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    thats not far... unless you Half way across your kitchen is 25ft


    13 years ago on Step 1

    pretty good but step 2 pic 4/5/6/7 needs to be clearer