Introduction: K'nex HK13E

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Hi there.
This is my most recent k'nex creation: a replica of the H&K HK13E. The 13E is a 5.56 mm version of the HK21 light machine gun. The reason why I replicated the 13E, is because of the magwell. I took the handle/receiver part of my old G3, but made it one connector shorter. This made the magwell slightly shorter, and thus it couldn't fit a 7.62mm (HK21) magazine. With one minor modification, however, it did fit a 5.56 mm sized mag.
Lets go to some pro's and cons:
+ Good size
+ Good weight
+ Looks pretty good IMO
+ Comfortable
+ Moving trigger, charging handle and removable magazines
+ A ''telescoping'' bipod can be added
- Doesn't shoot
- Uses a lot of pieces (for me)
- Can be too small for some

I hope you like it, and tell me what you think.