Knex Honey Badger 300blackout

Introduction: Knex Honey Badger 300blackout

Step 1: Upper Reciever

Make this to have the up reciever of the gun

Step 2: Fore Grip(optional)

Just do this simple step

Ps i put the grip farther front it doesnt matter where you put it im just use to real guns and do that

Step 3: Sight and Scope Options

1: classic red dot reflex reticle
2:raised iron sight
3: iron sight(hard to make and puts stress on peices)

Step 4: Magazine

Just make this

Step 5: Adjusting Stock

This will make your gun feel real

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    i don't know what to say about the gun but the adjustable stock is a nice touch


    8 years ago

    Thx and i can understand richtofen it was just a base i try to let people add to it themselves i dont want to make people think that what i do is what they have to do

    dr. richtofen
    dr. richtofen

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Alright, that makes sense I guess.

    Also, when replying to someone, it's better to use the reply button. People get an e-mail notification that way, making it easier/faster to reply again.

    dr. richtofen

    Eh, it could use a lot of work, no offence. What you have now is basically a stick with some minor things added to it.
    The stick part could work for everything in front of the magazine, but the stock and receiver parts definitely need some work.