K`nex Infinity Character Holder

Introduction: K`nex Infinity Character Holder

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This is the K`nex Infinity Character Holder. It is compact and is very handy. I recommend this for people that have their infinity characters all stuffed in a drawer, getting ruined.


To build this you need:

  • 122 green rods
  • 164 white rods
  • 222 blue rods
  • 62 yellow rods
  • 102 red connectors
  • 54 orange connectors
  • 44 purple connectors
  • 44 green connectors
  • 120 gray connectors
  • 88 blue connectors
  • 7 white connectors

Step 1: Base

This is the base of the Infinity Character Holder. It has four cells that can be used to hold 4 infinity characters.

Step 2: Layers 2 and 3

These steps are for the 2 layers above the base. They are both seven cells long.

Step 3: Roof/4th Layer

This is the 3rd and final step to build the Infinity Character Holder. After you put this on the base and levels and 2 and 3. You are finished.

Step 4: Finished!

Yahoo! Now you can keep your infinity characters in a safe place. You can tape the infinity cards to the back of the cell to mark where each character goes, or you can put them in randomly. Have fun!

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