Introduction: K'nex Karabiner98K (BUILD)

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Hello guys here's the instructions on my Karabiner 98K, it's my first 'ible, so if it isn't great that's why.

Step 1: Stock

Add the orange connector, white rod and blue spacer things to gaps inside the k'nex, next to it.

Now you can put the big block of yellow connectors and green connectors to the top, as shown in the 5th picture.

In the 7th pic build both, the top is 3 layers thick, and will be right at the back of the gun.

In the 10th/11th pic, all you have to do is add on an outer layer including the butt stock.

In the 15th picture all you have to do is connect the bottom part of the stock that's waving around and connect it to the blue rod with X2 Y clips.

Step 2: Trigger Mech

Not the best, but it works.

The broken piece is the end of a rod with a tiny bit of rod. Not just the end.

Step 3: Barrel


I know on the 14th picture the barrel is bent. But it doesn't matter. It bends at the point of which the barrel just becomes decorative. And I'm sure it affects the gun in no way.

Sorry for some blurry photo's this was done in the late afternoon, in winter, so it was pitch black outside and my bedroom light is dim. The flash looked extremely bright, so I had to leave it on for a long exposure and on my camera's awful screen I couldn't tell if it was blury. So there's my excuse.

Step 4: DONE

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to ask, leave a
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