Knex Knife Using Simple Pieces

Introduction: Knex Knife Using Simple Pieces

I built this because all the other knives I saw on this website used pieces I didn't have. This simple-easy to make knife baisicly uses all the original Knex pieces.

Step 1: Piece Count

Tan connectors- 16 Gray connectors- 22
White Rods- 44 Green rods- 18
Blue Rods- 6 Yellow Rods- 4
Red connectors- 10 Yellow connectors-14
Green connectors- 16

Step 2: Create the First Copy

Follow the pictures to complete step two. I find that the pictures ar very self explanatory.

Step 3: Do It Again

Create an exact copy of the knife in step two.

Step 4: Connect the Two

Use the tan and gray connectors with the white rods to connect the knives. Connect the two through the holes.
You will need to look at the pictures for better explanations.
Once you have connected the knives, you are done!!!!!! You have officially made a Knex knife using simple pieces!!!!
GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!??

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    5 years ago

    Looks like fun! :)