Introduction: Knex Bolt Action L96A1

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this is my Knex L96A1

also know as: Magnum Sniperrifle, AWM,AWP (and go on)

in the most games they look big and frightning :P

its fake! in real its only a sniper witch has a length of 940mm

there are some variations witch can fire 50cal. bullets....
any way this baby can shoot as far as u want to, my building tactic here is to make the barrel as easy as possible, so the bullet can fly out easely.

the barrel is 5 layer thick, with 3 layers of space for a bullet witch is 1 layer thick!
(the bleu part on the front of the gun)

Step 1: The Pieces

I counted them all myself

if there are any mistakes, please comment it, and i will correct it....

Step 2: Starting With the Stock

follow carefully xD

Step 3: Making the Trigger

this is the hardest part :P

Step 4: Tha Magazine

capaticity of 5 rounds, like the real one

this magazine is pretty cool, because you can put the bullets in the upper part, and they will not fly out.

Step 5: The Scoop

forgott to take a pic from the whole scoop......

Step 6: The Barrel

barrel, as simple as possible xD

Step 7: Assembly

yes nearly there!

Step 8: Final Touch and How to Fire