Introduction: Knex Laptop Stand and Cooling Pad

This is a laptop stand i designed for my dads laptop because it was always overheating

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Step 1: Bottom Base Half

pic 1: what you are making
pic 2: make edge piece
pic 3: side view showing edge pieces
pic 4: make another but the 3-d connectors are turned different
pic 5: showing how connectors are turned
pic 6: last edge piece
pic 7&8: showing the 3-d connectors
pic 9: lining up
pic 10: Connect

Step 2: Angled Suport

pic 1: make this
pic 2&3: showing how the orange pieces connect
pic 4: showing where to connect on upside down bottom
pic 5: connected and finished

Step 3: Top Half

pic 1: what your making
pic 2: make this
pic 3: showing 3-d connectors and green pieces
pic 4: make another one the exact same
pic 5&6: make end piece
pic 7: line up
pic 8 attached

Step 4: Laptop Rail

pic 1: make this
pic 2: close up
pic 3: lining up
pic 4: attached

Step 5: Final Assembely

pic 1: line up
pic 2: attach and DONE!

comment if you want me to show how to make the adjustable version
Go to my link on the intro to make the mouse pad stand