Knex Light Duty Assault Rifle W/ Detachable Stock

Introduction: Knex Light Duty Assault Rifle W/ Detachable Stock

sorta basic Knex gun... no auto function... shoots about 20 ft with proper elastic... somewhat accurate... anyone who can come up with a way to effectively convert this to semi-auto is more than welcome to modify it as they see fit... fires yellow rods

Step 1: Things You Will Need

8 red rods
5 yellow rods
2 blue rods
28 white rods
25 green rods
1 orange straight connector
6 yellow connectors
5 white connectors
3 grey caps
24 green connectors
10 red connectors
29 tan caps
1 rubber band

Step 2: Build the Back End of the Barrel

attach 3 white connectors to 2 red rods like this making sure to put the orange connectors in between two of the white ones as in the second picture this setup will become the trigger mechanism

Step 3: Build the Barrel

take 3 red rods and attach 8 tan caps to each of them as shown in the first picture

then attach 4 tan caps to one of the red rods already connected to the white connectors in the same manner

attach all 6 remaining red rods to the white connector that does NOT come in contact with the orange connector as shown in the first picture making sure to alternate non capped and capped using the 4 capped one as a starting point

extend the two red rods attached to all 3 white connectors by attaching a yellow connector to each

then add a white rod on that connector

slide all the white connectors back along the two red rods until the ends of all the rods are even as shown in the second picture

slide a blue rod through the hole of the two yellow connectors and attach a grey cap to the blue rod in between the connectors as a spacer

Step 4: Build the Handles

attach 2 more yellow connectors to each red rod connected to all 3 white connectors on the other end as shown in the first picture

build the two sides of the handle, they should be identical to eachother, from the second picture, it is self explanatory. at each horizontal white rod, put a green connector in between the peices and connect it to the rod as well, this works as a spacer and keeps the handle a consistent width

do the same for the horizontal white rod connected to the yellow connectors, attach the handle to the yellow connectors as shown, this is the back handle for the gun

look at the third picture to build the front handle (once again two identical sides) and see where and how to attach it to the gun, use the same technique to keep the handle consistent width at all horizontal white rods except for the bottom one on the two red connectors

Step 5: Build the Stock


attach two yellows each to 2 white connectors as shown

attach the connectors with 3 white rods as shown, you can see the green peice that was attached to the bottom two rods in between the connectors here... if you have a spare yellow connector that will be more useful as will be shown in the next picture

using the green in between the whites, attach a third yellow rod to one side of the structure (those using yellows in between can attach a third on both sides... your stock will be more rigid this way)

build the shoulder brace by looking at the picture... it is pretty much the same as the front handle anyway... use the same spacing technique as was used on the two handles... this is especially useful here because it allows for the connection of that center rod (those using yellows to space the whites on the stock should note that the green used to space the yellows that the stock connects to that one as well)

the stock connects to the rest of the gun as shown in the fourth picture, although im sure you have already figured that out

Step 6: Build and Attach the Firing Rod

almost there! this one is quick

using the rubber band, a blue rod and a grey cap, build the rod as shown in the first picture

put it inside the holes of the white connectors as shown in the second picture... make sure you move the trigger out of the way
while we are on the topic of the trigger... attach a grey cap to the orange connector with a green rod... this is just to make it longer and more comfortable

lace the rubber bands on the blue rod that is through the yellow connectors at the front of the barrel as shown in the third picture

*if you use a yellow rod instead of a blue one as the firing rod, the range increases to about 25 feet and it becomes much more powerful and slightly more accurate*

Step 7: You're Done!

It is loaded from the front after pulling back the firing rod and setting the trigger

i find it fairly accurate if you use the V in between connection points at the top center of the white connectors

it can be used without stock for close quarters combat or with stock for longer range shots that you have time to line up

the handles are really comfortable and probably what im most proud of about this gun

while not a health threat of any kind i wouldnt recommend shooting at anyone simply because getting hit in the eye by this would not be a pleasant experience

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    Millawi Legend

    Meh, although i hate block trigs, i think this gun is cool. im gonna mod and add a true trigger. when i'm done i'll post a pic.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    just to put it out there to dispel any "its a copy" claims... i literally started building this before i even really knew this site existed... my brother showed my the site when i was about 3/4 of the way done... if anything looks familiar or whatever... its purely coincedence


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Then maybe you should have thought to look around the site before posting.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I don't actually shoot these guns....I just build them for looks and 1 knex thompson is sitting in front of me and your pic shows it needs lots of tan connectors....can I substitute or leave those out?


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    mabye you should press this button again...

    Loosewire; SOE Operative
    Loosewire; SOE Operative

    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    He doesn't claim it to be anything that it isn't. Although it could be considered as a 'copy' by some people.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    i like how itr looks so im gonna build it...