Introduction: K’nex Lock With Fully Customizable Key

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this lock has been in development for almost a year(about an hour a day) now though nothing has been posted it’s internal pins and The fact that they are spring loaded with no ability to tension it bump it or impression it makes it unpickable without brute force it is the most complex K’nex lock I have ever seen and I most likely won’t be posting any instructions for it unless I get around to 3D printing it and patenting it oh and it has 2 springs in it one is for locking bar the other for resetting the pins and it has a one way locking bar that only seizes it up if tension is applied

Step 1: I’m Posting How It Works

it works off of a ratchet system each pin directly move/unlocks the ratchet it’s pretty easy to rap your head around it until you see how it resets the pins and ratchet and limits the pins from moving to far (if it didn’t a blank key would open it)the mech is pretty complex including 2sets of springs Thad indirectly reset the pins and directly reset ratchets