Introduction: K'nex Tank M1 Abrams

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Hello everyone, this is my version of a M1 Abrams tank. I've been building knex tanks for a year or so and i liked this tankdesign so much that i gave it a try to recreate with k'nex. The tank can drive and there is also a small mechanism that can make the cannon do a recoil. but there are also some things i need to work on, some dimensions are not correct so I need to work those away.


Parts list:

2 Green K'nex motors (optional)


Grey connector: 222

Light grey connector: 29

Red connectors: 26

Green connectors: 36

Yellow connectors: 100

Orange connectors: 31

White connectors: 23

Blue connectosr: 25

Black Y connectors: 23

Tan connectors: 25

Black blue hinges: 4

Grey spacers: 31

Blue spacers: 12

34 spacers for between the wheels( can also be Y connectors or for example grey connectors)


Green rods: 240

White rods: 304

Blue rods: 14+2 flexible blue rods

Yellow rod: 3

Red rod: 3

Grey rod: 10

Wheels: 37

Non K'nex parts:

Small loom elastics to hold some parts in place

some numbers may be wrong, but i made sure that they are not too off.

Step 1: Step 1: Building the Chassis

The chassis is the biggest step, also if you read this first, the motors need to be upside down. I forgot this when I rebuild it for tutorial. if the motors are up you will have a hard time to activate the buttons.

Step 2: Step 2: Building the Turret

I'm happy with how the turret turned out. but I love the recoil of the gun the most. it's just a small feature that adds a feeling of a real firing gun. especially because the model was too small to build something of a working cannon in it.

Step 3: Step 3: Coaxial Machine Guns (Optional)

The coaxial machine guns need to be build with the smaller version of K'nex. it is not necessary to add these but I thought it was cool to add.

Step 4: Step 4: Assembly of the Tank

Finally your tank is completed! to let it drive you just hold the tank up by its front and turn the motors on. only when you let the wheels with the motors touch the tracks it will drive. keep in mind when for example you let the tank drive on a small elevation, the wheels will come off the ground and won't touch the tracks that will lead to the tank stop driving. its just good for flat terrain.

Step 5: Finished or Not?

If you have any difficulties with building the tank just ask and I will try to help. and if you find mistakes, you should definitely say so. Until then, bye.