Introduction: Knex M1 Carbine

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First "post" in a long while...but i needed some motivation and i found it in The Red Book of Westmarch's M14 and i remember somebody (sorry i dont remeber sed persons name) said i should do some WW2 guns...and i thought of my favorite COD 2 gun, and well here it is my M1 carbine...shall we go through the pros and cons????

Looks pretty good
EXCELLENT range (55+ ft)
Perfect size
comfy handle
Removable Mag
Very reliable (1 in every 25 or so shots doesn't work)
My first "full sized" gun (actual is 35.5" mine is 40")
Stock is really comfortable even though it looks awful

not entirely my design (basically modded Red's M14 to look like the M1 carbine)
Horrid stock (as usual for the usual reasons...not enough pieces)
no iron sights
small mag cap (but thats easily fixed)
not semi-auto or full auto