Introduction: Knex MSMGP

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Hello once again, and this is my MSMGP which stands for Magnum Sub Machine Gun Pistol. Well your probably thinking oh a SMG and a pistol are completely different. Well I know that but this was originally a pistol but it turned out kinda heavy so I added a easily attachable stock. I was originally designing a war/battle rifle gun I started and it came into a pistol, and I tried some new internals and before I knew it I had a epic sidearm. This gun is still war worthy but the trigger is a little on the hard side to pull so I won't post instructions till I get that figured out. Now to the stats because that's what you came for here right.

50 foot range
Friction reduction from the ram internals to the bullet transfer.
Weighs 2.2 pounds
Removable 10 round mag
Futuristic design
Jam free
Easy attach/detach stock
Front heavy

I may post instructions based on the amount of support I get on this gun.

Pic 16 Die you stupid squirrel die!!!!!!!! lol

Step 1: Internals

Change the red rod on the mag pusher to a grey/black rod. I would recommend the white connectors around the trigger guard to be blue 3d connectors because it is more comfyish. The handle does not have to be exact but do the best you can. The trigger is very hard to pull so I would love for someone to fix that because I could not find a solution. For best performance use 3-4 #64 rubber bands.