Introduction: K'nex Magpul PDR (redone)

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph. I'm not super active anymore, on here.

As the title suggests, I've redone my PDR. I saw The Dunkis' comment on this PDR, saying that the stocks on all PDR's based on TD's one are too small. I took this in mind, and built this new one. It features a larger stock, and a bit longer body. It feels more close to the real one than my previous one. However, this one has a shooting function, unlike the older. It's a simple RBG mech, 'cause I don't have any good big rubber bands. I don't know if the mech I made has been used before (the Dash has a 'half' ratchet like this one, but a different trigger). Tell me what you think, and please comment and rate.

- Looks pretty good
- Shoots
- Charging handle
- True trigger
- Removable, non functioning magazines
- Good size
- Compact
- Comfortable

Foregrip: The Dunkis
Stock-grip connection: The Red Book of Westmarch

Youtube link: