Introduction: K'nex Micro Coaster Loop

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This is a nice looking loop for your micro K'nex roller coaster. This is an easy build. Takes ten to fifteen minutes if you take your time. Please message me if you want me to post instructions for this. Thank you.

Step 1: Micro Parts

- 31 black rods
-17 yellow rods
-37 grey rods
-24 red rods
-10 yellow connectors
-20 red connectors
-12 light grey connectors
-10 dark grey connectors
-6 grey and blue connectors.
-1 black connector
-1 purple rod
- 3 micro K'Nex roller coaster track
- ( optional) 1 coster cart

Step 2: The Base

Follow the pictures. Notice the direction of the connecters.

Step 3: Loop Structure Part 1

Build this.
Build this.
Connect them as shown.

Step 4: Loop Structure Part 2

Build this.
Build this.
Connect them.
Connect them.

Step 5: Loop Structure Part 3

Build this.
Build this.
Connect them.
Connect them.

Step 6: Adding the Track

Connect the track.
Notice the directions the connectors are.

Step 7: Connecting the Loop to Base

Notice that the orange connecter is over the red rod.

Step 8: Finished Product

This is what it should look like.