Introduction: K'nex Mini Bowling

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This K'nex item is really fun!

It took me 2 hours to make it.

This is item includes


-any number of balls

-ball retriever

-bowling cage

-guard rails

Part count- 200 - 400

Step 1: Base

Build this,
Add grey (or yellow) rods diagonally.

Step 2: Walls

Build this,
add the rest.

Step 3: Flooring

Build this,
putting this together might be hard.

Step 4: Guard Rails

Step 5: Caging

Build that, put them together, conjoin.

Step 6: Ball Track

This is kinda've difficult.

Step 7: Pins

Make this.

Step 8: How to Play

You roll the ball. (preferably REAL golf balls) Try to get the three pins down and repeat!

Have fun!

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