Introduction: Knex Mini Gun

About: I like knex and airsoft. If I find something that can explode ( like an airsoft grenade ) I would make it.

Hi, this is my first instructable. This is the Knex Mini Gun (as you can see),You can easily make this with a few parts.

Step 1: The Materials

If you look hear you will see the materials

                                                                You will need :
8 gray top parts
1 orange connector
1 yellow rod
1 blue rod
1 gray tube
4 blue tubes
1 red connector
1 green rod (You don't need it but i reccommend you use it).

Step 2: Making the Ram

this step is very simple.All to do is attach these 2 pieces.

Step 3: Making the ' Body '

First you have to get a yellow rod, then attach 3 gray top pieces,then a red connector,and 4 more top pieces.

Step 4: Adding the Tubes

On the rest of the space you can add those grey and blue tubes.Add a grey top piece at the end to keep the tubes on.

Step 5: The Ram Goes in Too.

At the end you put the ram in the holes of the gray pieces,then double your rubber band and wrap it around the gun.

Step 6: Firing

To fire the gun you have to pull back the ram and put a green rod in the extra space in the grey top pieces.When your ready,Pull the red connector and it will fire.