Introduction: Knex NERF Sniper Bi-pod

Step 1: Pieces

4 white connectors
8 white rods
6 green rods
4 gray rods
6 black connectors
4 light grey connectors
8 purple/dark grey connectors
2 red connectors

Step 2: Starting

Get two white rods and put one black connector in the middle on each one

Step 3:

Put the two red connectors on the black connectors

Step 4:

Now put a white rod in the middle of the connector and connect both

Step 5:

Add the rest of the black connectors on each rod

Step 6:

Add the white connectors

Step 7:

Put the white rods on both sides and put it the same place as the middle one

Step 8:

Add to green rods on each side in the middle

Step 9:

Add the rest of the green rods

Step 10:

Add the whit rod one both sides by the green rods

Step 11:

Flip it upside down and do the same

Step 12:

Add the grey rods on the green rod side

Step 13:

Add the dark grey/purple connectors like that on the other grey rods as well and push them to the bottom

Step 14:

Get four more and add them to the top

Step 15:

Add the light grey connectors like so.

Step 16: FINISH

Now you are complete

Step 17:

I put it on my nerf sniper rifle on the bottom railings. Hope this instructable helped. Thanks!

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