K'nex Origami Automata

Introduction: K'nex Origami Automata

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Here's a fun to build automata that combines K'nex and origami. It particularly works well with origami animals that fly or swim like dragons, birds, narwhals, dolphins, etc. But in this case, we're using origami pigs since it is 2019 The Year of the Pig. This instructable won't teach you how to make an origami pig but I found some instructions on youtube here .

Step 1: Here Are All the Parts You Will Need

Step 2: Make the Base

Step 3: Add the Support Frame for the Automata's Crank Shaft

Step 4: Build the Top of the Frame

Step 5: Install the Top of the Frame

Step 6: Build the Crank Shaft

Step 7: Install the Crank Shaft Into the Frame As Shown

Step 8: Make Origami Stick Puppets

Tape the green connector to the inside of the origami animal.

Step 9: Attach Origami Stick Puppets to the Crank Shaft As Shown

Note: The puppet stick is mounted through the hole in the white connector of the top frame.

Step 10: The Automata Is Complete and Ready to Turn On

Please let me know if you build this and any ideas for improving the design!

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    1 year ago

    Very Cool! It's a very interesting mech and one I like. I've used a similar type mech for a merry-go-round, but mounted from the top. It didn't end up working, but was a good lesson nonetheless.