Introduction: Knex P90 Instructions

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Hey guys it's knextremist with another gun. This one is not mine. 95% of credit goes to ~KGB~ and the rest to me for the instructions. It looks nice and works well. I don't really want to do stats but,

Shoots blue rods 50+ feet
Hopper fed
5 layers thick at body
3 layers thick at handle
You can keep A-LOT of ammo in the stock
Looks just like the real thing!

No parts list, sorry!
Let's get started!

Step 1: Main Body Panels

O.K. so this gun has outer main panels and a core that comes out of the gun into the handle. So, the handle is three layers thick while the stock is five. Build it up!

1. Build this part
2. Same part, different view.
3. Same part, different view.
4. Here is the next panel.
5. Different view
6. Different view
7. Close up of assembly at front end.

Move ahead.

Step 2: Filler Parts

Here are some inner filler pieces. Attach 'em.

1. Build/gather
2. Build these three angles.
3. Attach in this order.
4. Build
5. Attach/gather
6. Get these.
7. Add that bar.
8. Attach the angled piece.
9. Insert this assembly.
10. Make these
11. Attach the pieces
12. Put them together.

To the next step!

Step 3: Core

Here's the core of the gun. It's a prety big block. Build it.

1. Here is the outer panel of the inner core.
2. Another view
3. Last view
4. Build/gather these.
5. Attach/slide them onto this panel.
6. Grab these.
7. Read image note.
8. Read image notes.
9. Add these pieces here.
9.5: I could NOT get this picture so what it is is an interior panel. In picture 5 you can see it in the right hand corner. The image notes will tell you what you can't see of it.
10. Gather these pieces.
11. Attach these pieces as shown. Here you can catch a glimpse of that missing panel. It has a gray 3-d connector on it. Just add what you can see of the panel and extras.
12. Add
13. Add
14. Gather and set aside.
15. Now you are going to build this panel and attach it to the core.
16. Another view
17. Another view
18. Another view
19. Another view
20. Another view. This is over the that filler panel that i couldn't picture. I will show you what it should be with image notes.
21. Build
22. Attach and set aside.
23. Slide the part from picture 14 here.
24. Attach the other two parts from picture 14.
25. Attach the asemble from picture 22.
26. Bend that bendy green (gray-sized) rod through that hole.

The hardest part is done you can now pass.

Step 4: Attaching the Final Panel

Here you are going to attach the other outer panel that you made in the first step.

1. Attach the top panel.
2. Another view
3. Dont attach this part yet.
4. You need to put in this assembly and attach a rubberband.
5. Gather these white rods.
5.5 Attach the rest of the panel, ther'es no picture, sorry.
6. Add three white rods here.
7. Add the other two here/
8. Grab a blue rod.
9. Attach it
10. Here's the panel.

Last step!

Step 5: Odd Bits

After this you are done!

1. You are going to put pieces here.
2. Add these pieces from step 2.
3. Build/gather
4. Attach from step 2. (This is the front of the gun).
5. Another view
6. The ram-rod
7. It goes in here.
8. Wrap a rubber band around here.
9. Wrap a rubber band around here too.
10. Wrap a rubber band around here too.
11. Another view of the last rubber band.
12.Gather these 2 small tires.
13. They go here for comfort.

Done! Now here's how to load and fire!

Step 6: Loading and Firing

Here's how to load and fire.

1. Put the bullets (blue rods) in here.
2. It fits 9 or 10.
3. The bullets go in the stock here.

*Also if you want, you can add a sight of some kind to the rails on the top.

Done!!! Enjoy!!!