Introduction: K'nex Piece Launcher

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Step 1: Intro

In my first how to i will show you how to make a piece pusher ( sorry for ban quality taking this on my iPhone )

Step 2: Equipment

First you will need a yellow connector, 4 yellow rods, 1 white connector, 2 red rods, 1 purple blue connector ( will be in picture ) and 1 elastic ( small )

Step 3: Phase 1

First you will need to connect the blue purple connector to one of your reds

Step 4:

Step 5: Phase 1 Step 2

Now that those are connected put the white connector like so

Step 6: Phase 1 Part 2

Now put yellow connectors like so

Step 7: Phase 2 Part 1

Clip the yellow connector two the top off the red

Step 8: Phase 2 Part 2

Attach the unused red to the opposite side of the way the yellow is pointing

Step 9: Final Phase !!

Now you ready to add the elastic to to the pusher, to attach put on 2 rod spots on the purple blue connector and on the inside between the closest 2 yellow rods

Step 10: Your Ready to Fire

Now all you have to do is find you ammo and load I personally use the white connector I will show you how to load

Step 11: Loading Step 1

To load pull back the blue purple connector

Step 12: Loading Step 1

Now put your ammo on the red rod like so

Step 13: Firing the Weapon

When you want to fire load pull back connector And releases and it will fire

Step 14: Finishing Up

Well that was a k'nex piece pusher if you have any problems leave a comment that states the problem and make a troubleshooting how to fix it you can add a scope but I didn't as well leave the arcamada and the pice pusher in the background I say.......

Step 15:

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