Introduction: Knex Piece Substitutes

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This instructible show you substitutes for prehaps knex pieces that you dont have alot of.

If there is anything that you think I have missed, please tell me.

P.s (This 'Ible is for beginner knex builders)

Step 1: Rods

These are substitutes for knex RODS.

Picture 1- Blue rod substitute
Picture 2- Yellow rod substitute
Picture 3- Red rod substitute
Picture 4- Gray rod substitute

Step 2: Connectors

These are the knex CONNECTORS.

Picture 1- White connector substitute (Depends on what your making)
Picture 2- Green connector substitute

Step 3: Other

These are the knex substitutes for 'Other' knex parts.

Picture 1- Knex chain (If chain does not fit on your model perfectly)

Step 4: Wheel

These are knex substitutes for wheels.

Picture 1- Small wheel substitute