Introduction: K'nex Pistol the 'SPYDER'

About: Hey, My name is a Ashley I am 16 and I Love playing Video Games and Building With K'nex :D

Hey Guys and Girls here is my first pistol. it is a mag fed gun and has true trigger and safety. it is light and compact. it took about 2 hours to build. it was originally designed for the mag to be removable but that made the barrel waker and the mag shook all over. The safety has been changed so instead of the sight dropping when it is off the sight will now go up when it is off so the 'Y' con is not needed unless you want.

Step 1: Piece Count

You don't see many of these on the internet so i thought i would make one.

Grey x 1
Red x 1
White x 52
Green x Sorry but i can't state these as i have tried counting a few times and got lost so could someone count them for me as you build it

White x 20
yellow x 39
Green x 5
grey 2 way x 13
grey end x 11
Red x 5
orange x 14
Orange track connectors x 2

'Y' cons x 25 (I know it is a lot but only way it can be made unless you want to build a mag which shoots green rods)
Ball joints x 3
Ball joint connectors x 3
Decapitated orange 2 way connectors x 3

Time (lol)

Step 2: Handle

The Handle is my own doesing and is really comfy.

Pic 1: Sides
Pic 2: Middle
Pic 3,4,5: Connected together with white rods

Step 3: Mag

this mag is pretty simple to build but sadly it uses 2 of the broken pieces. The mag holds around 12 to 13 grey end connectors. but you can make it smaller or extend it if you want but i think it would look stupid with a huge mag.

Pic 1: Build
Pic 2: add white rods to one side
Pic 3: build
Pic 4: destroy these pieces.
Pic 5: add
Pic 6: add other side

Step 4: Trigger

this is a trigger that i have made.

Pic 1: Build
Pic 2: Build
Pic 3: connect to bits together
Pic 4: connect and add tape as shown in pic

Step 5: Sights + Rails.

Here are some pretty neat sights and rails that i have made.i am not gunna show it but the pics should help.

Pic 1: Build 2 of these sides
Pic 2: bottom view
Pic 3: top view add green rod and 'Y' con if ya want
Pic 4: better image of sights
Pic 5: Connect like this.

Step 6: The Barrel

This barrel is really simple.

Pic 1: Build 2
Pic 2: Add white rods
Pic 3: Build
Pic 4: Build
Pic 5: Add the bits you just built
Pic 6: Add other side

Step 7: Mag Pusher + Ram Rod

Easiest step of the whole instructable.

Step 8: Safety

This is the safety  at which i have designed myself and you don't see many guns on this sight that have safety.

Pic 1: Build
Pic 2+3: Show how to put it on and how the sights should be orientated depending on whether or not the safety is on or off.

Step 9: Connecting and Rubberbands

title says it all just connect as shown in the pics

Pic 1: Add Handle with white rods
Pic 2: add mag do same on other side
Pic 3: Add rails and connect the same on other side
Pic 4: Add trigger
Pic 5: how the safety works.

Step 10: Looks of the Gun

Here is waht make the gun look good.

Pic 1: Build 2
Pic 2: Build 2
with these the track connectors help as with the grey connector connected to the mag pusher it will prevent it ffrom hitting the ram rod and jamming the gun
Pic 3: Connect and add on other side.