Introduction: K'nex Piston Version 2

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Welcome to my instructable on how to build a k'nex piston! This is my second version, also check out my original K'nex Piston.

This is a video of the K'nex piston version 2 operating.

This k'nex piston converts rotational motion to linear motion. (or vice versa). This piston has a smaller range of movement than the previous version, it is able to retract/extend 51mm (about 2 inches). The original version is able to retract/extend 65mm (about 2.5 inches).

It has always been a challenge to create linear movement with k'nex. But no longer! I have designed a rack gear (something which k'nex should have made a long time ago in my opinion) built completely out of k'nex. A rack gear is a rod with teeth on it which allows a round gear to push the rod back and forth.

This video demonstrates how a rack gear works:

Step 1: The Parts List

These are the parts you will need to build the piston:

109 - blue spacers (many can be substituted for grey spacers)

9 - black clips.

3 - blue clips.

6 - brown clips.

21 - grey clips.

8 - orange connectors.

40 - blue 3D connectors.

2 - white connectors.

6 - yellow connectors.

2 - green connectors.

8 - red connectors.

2 - blue gears.

5 - grey grip gears. ( finally found a use for those things :P )

2 - yellow gears.

2 - red gears.

20 - green rods.

13 - white rods.

39 - blue rods.

6 - yellow rods.

1 - red rod.

3 - grey rods.

Step 2: Starting the Frame

This is the back of the frame which you will start building off of.

Step 3: The Rack Gear(s) Parts

These are the parts you will use to assemble the the rack gear in the next step.

Build though pictures 4 - 9 twice. you will need two of these parts.

Step 4: Rack Gear(s) Assembly

Assemble and mount the rack gear as shown.

Note: There is a small issue with the yellow rods disconnecting from the red connectors in the rack gear assembly. my solution to this was to rap a rubber band around them to hold it together.

Step 5: Upper and Lower Pinion Gears

This version of the piston uses 2 pinion gears to drive the rack gear. This helps keep the rack gear in place and increases power output.

Please read picture notes.

Step 6: Gearing

In order to power both pinion gears from a single input, I built a gear train connecting them. The challenge of this though is that both pinion gears had to spin in opposite directions. building a 3 gear train would have made them spin in the same direction. To make things even more challenging, both pinion gears had to spin at the same speed, which required a symmetrical gear design. So I had to design a symmetrical 4 gear train to solve this problem.

  • Connect 6 blue rods to the blue and red connectors.
  • Add the 2 red gears to the blue rods on the red connectors.

Step 7: Gear Supports

These gear supports hold the gear axles in the proper position to keep the teeth of the gears interlocked.

Step 8: Final Assembly

Just add the spacers and the final structural panel.

Congratulations on completing the K'nex Piston V2!

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