Introduction: Knex Playstation2 Pedal Set

Includes Gas and Brake pedal(I have NO steering wheel)

Step 1: Making the Pedals

You will need to make two of these pedals

Step 2: Making the Frame

You will need to make this frame. The first two "layers" are "based" on yellow rodss and the last is "based" on red rods.

Step 3: Controler Frame

Make The Controler Frame

Step 4: Pedal Buttons

Make this, but only make one(sorry I didn't take another picture)

Step 5: Attach Pedals

Attach the pedals

Step 6: Accessories

Yuo will need a scane of yarn and 2 rubberbands

Step 7: Attach the Pedals2

Attach the pedal with string and yarn as deminstrated